Sunday Reflection

May your day be filled with what you simply enjoy. 😊🎨🌈 💚PaperNummies010718


Warm holiday wishes

Sending warm wishes your way.

It’s been a while since my last post. The last quarter of a year has been a rough journey. I watched one very close to me fight so hard during those months to overcome illness. She is now at peace.

It was not uncommon through these months for me to be sat in her hospital room, coloring images I’d pre-stamped. There were nights, ink blending at my desk, I’d look up and realize it was 2am. While not Art Journaling, it was such an outlet for my grief. Lately, I come across pieces I don’t much recall making. I was surprised by the large stack of these emboss-resist one-layer cards. First, thanks for stopping by. ♥️ Lastly, here are a few of the many cards made in a flurry of masking, stamping, heat embossing, ink blending, flicking (images & sentiments #heroarts):

Coffee Shaker…Cards

I recently won an IG giveaway by @craftee1, Amy ( Thanks, Amy! So, I had great fun with Amy’s generous goodies — the #altenew “Coffee Ring” stamp set and the #spectrumaqua Nature markers! Watercoloring & flicking & glitter & sequins AND COFFEE became coffee shaker cards! With our faithful furry friends as frequent crafting companions, I just had to add a #timholtz Crazy Dog & Crazy Cat. They’re looking a little caffeinated, too. 😂 Thanks for peeking! #handmadecard #inspiredbykindness

When you’re feeling blue…

I hear I’m not alone in feeling “off” lately. Maybe your youngest started kindergarten. Or, like mine, your kiddo recently graduated high school. 😃

More so, for me, it’s the day-to-day combined with the milestones along with what’s going on in the world. Phew.

Quick to tri-color, like my Aussie girl, this #TimHoltz “Crazy Dog” makes me smile and go for a moment into my own little world. A happy, diverse, & loving place.

And, I’m looking forward to therapeutic daily coloring during the next 30-day coloring challenge, put on by @kathyrac of September 1st! Maybe see you there? 🤗

Happy Day to You! 💛

June Stamping Amidst Busy Times

Hi! Taking time to craft is a challenge during busy work times. I needed a sympathy card today & turned my exploration of a new-to-me layering stamp set — from #altenew called Watercolor Wonders — into this card. Inks used were an experiment as I don’t have hues in sets already worked out (on my wishlist). Practice will help, but for now a #handstamped card from the heart. Wishing you all a lovely day! 💜 #handmadecard


Snuggly Bees in Prickly Pear

Happy bees snuggling in soft petals with pollen! Yellow flowers are the theme of my day. From Evening Primrose in the morning to Prickly Pear cactus blooms in the evening. I’m thankful for the camera which allows me to see what my eyes alone cannot! Happy Day to all! #natureinspires #happycolors