Stop and Smell the Roses, or . . .

Well. More like, “Stop and see me. Now. Take me in with your senses.” A gladiolus patch called out to me. Not quite audibly or olfactibly, but strongly beckoning nonetheless. Made me reverse course (burned a U-ie) to stop and enjoy their creamy, dreamy pinks & yellows. Many know I’m also green’s biggest fan. Just a few more colors of nature to inspire on this beautiful July morning. Inspiration of good feelings, creativity, viewer’s choice. Thanks, little glad patch & the humans who put you there. Thankful for this day. Enjoy!

yellow iris papernummies papernummies_iris_pink

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Friend, You Mean the World to Me

papernummies_friend-raspberry01aFlip cards are fun. Flip-it style cards pull open from the sides, thus flipping the front sentiment over to reveal the inside sentiment. When flipped open, the inside of the card is flat. Wonder how it’s done? Various ways of cutting range from hand-done to electronic cutting software/machines. I’m in the middle with a few of my most-loved tools — a steel die and hand-cranked cutting machine.

Vertical & dimensional “FRIEND” (HeroArts) banner and inside “you mean the world to me” (Sizzix) sentiments are stamped in raspberry ink to match the “Flowering Fields” flowers, foliage & butterfly. Latter images ©StampinUp! (“Flowering Fields” stamp set.) Raspberry cotton ribbon is tied with a bit of linen thread. Also, did some signature edge-sponging in same dye ink. 🙂

A sweet card! Thanks for stopping by!

PS. Continuing to brave my Etsy shop. — Thanks! Some more!

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papernummies_friend-raspberry02a  papernummies_friend-raspberry03a


Counting Petals

When placing embellishments on a greeting card, for example, it feels ‘right’ to use an odd number of embellies. “Rule of Odds,” “Rule of Thirds,” the “Golden Rule” are concepts taught, based on the Fibonacci Sequence, where odd numbers are used in art or design to be more pleasing to the eye. In nature, odd numbers abound . . . flower petals, fruit, fingers on a human hand.

Curiously, I do count petals! More often than not, I find an odd number of petals. Not this bloom:


An even number. Symmetry. Balance. Nature.

All of these thoughts aside, it’s easy to just appreciate nature’s bounty well into October. Happy Day!

Ooh. Spooky! Photo Fun.

PaperNummies Night Glories
Happy October! My Morning Glory Friends say, “Boo!” In time for Halloween, they don a disguise. Could be from deep beneath the sea. Or, from far outer space. Oooh.

I’m photographically challenged. Ha. Several ways to interpret this. However, true whether I’m a subject in a photo or the “photographer” (saying this lightly).

Who doesn’t play with photo editing tools & apply artistic twists? This one really worked for me! The green leaves morphed to purple, pinks & purples to blues & greens. Whoa. Happy experiment.

Showing  their true colors here:

Awesome day!