Happy Saturday! How is your new year? 2019 has been good so far here in that I’m making time every day to be creative. Even if it’s super-simple like this #simplestamping of a sentiment on patterned paper.


I lovingly hoard paper pads, so I have been working on #loveitchopit – thank you @kyliebertuccisudemonstrator for encouraging us to chop & use our beloved paper. I finished off this #basicgrey 12×12 pad, which was tough because it was down to some of my favorite sheets. I does help to know I’m not alone. 🤣😁 May you find many moments of joy. For you. #thankful #handmadecards #patternedpaper


Painted by Nature

Hello! It’s been a while since my last post. 🙂 Happy Day! Every year, these huge flowering vines along a nearby trail fascinate me. Datura? Perhaps invasive & considered pesky. But, beautiful. Of course, had to do #invertedcolors; final image is the bigger picture. Thanks for peeking! 😊#artinnature #natureinspires #thankful #datura

Paper Nummies 080818-1Paper Nummies 080818-2Paper Nummies 080818-3

Day 30 Coloring

Happy Day 30 of #thedailymarker30day! Cheers! 🎉 On this last day of the 30 day challenge, I finished this awesome @powerpoppy “Rosé All Day” image. 💕 I may frame a few works from the last 30 days…to remind me to take time every day to find joy, that slow & steady takes you places, and especially that kindness abounds the World around. Thank you for all your kind encouragement along the way! #thankful #coloringcommunity #coloringtherapy #powerpoppydigistamp

Paper Nummies 063018

Day 22 Coloring

Happy Day 22 of #thedailymarker30day! I enjoyed adding more color to this @powerpoppy — “Rosé All Day” #digistamp. Worked on the Cyclamen flowers. Here’s to a wonderful weekend! 😊 #thankful #coloringtherapy #coloringcommunityPaper Nummies 062218

Day 20 Coloring

Happy Day 20 of #thedailymarker30day! One quick layer of water & a bit of color and another lovely @powerpoppy #digistamp. Joy! Will add more another day. The paper surprised me as it’s not watercolor paper, but #cansonmiteintespastelpaper. Here’s to sweet little surprises. ☺️ #thankful #coloringtherapy #watercolor #coloringcommunity

Paper Nummies 062018

Day 17 Coloring

Happy Day 17 of #thedailymarker30day! Hope this has been a wonderful day for all! I started my day, before going out of town for the day, by adding just a little more to this @powerpoppy “Rosé All Day” #digistamp illustrated by @marcellahawley. 🤗 Beautiful way to start the day! #thankful #coloringtherapy #prismacoloredpencils #coloringcommunity

Paper Nummies 061718

Day 15 Coloring

Happy Day 15 of #thedailymarker30day! I’m calling this #coloringpage done! 🎉 Weeks ago, I looked through my stack of #coloringbooks to find my least-favorite image to rip out & carry around in the car, to color here & there. It ended up being so fun to color! 😁 2nd image – of course I have to include the photo-edited version showing #invertedcolors – again. Thank you all so much for the awesome encouragement. Beautiful! Here’s to the next half of @kathyrac 30 Day Coloring Challenge! Color on with your fine selves! 🤗 #thankful #coloringtherapy #chameleoncoloredpencils #polychromoscoloredpencils #coloringcommunity

Paper Nummies 061518-1

Paper Nummies 061518-2