Still coloring

I, along with many around the world, got my “color on” during week 1 of’s current 30 Day Coloring Challenge. Thanks to @kathyrac for this opportunity to be creative & to share it. Coloring has always been a favorite pastime. It can be a small & quick accomplishment, or something much more time-consuming. Once you start with even a goal of a few minutes per day, inspiration is rejuvenated. The talent of humans always gets me. Through this experience, however, I’m not only blown away by the unique talent that people share, but I am floored by the encouragement & kindness from people. From everywhere. Creative people! Just check out #thedailymarker30day& you’ll see!

Here are links to my IG posts for Days 4 – 7:

Day 4 & Gelly Roll pens
Day 5 & making a little scene
Day 6 & Inktense pencils & water
Day 7 & Prismacolor pencil bears

Well. Thanks for your time. May you have time aplenty for all that you enjoy!

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