Wow. Nature Inspires. Again. And, Again.

rainbow4:57am MST. Yup. I finally saw my first shooting star! While gorgeous, it was kinda scary. It seemed large enough to produce a boom or tremor on impact, but . . . none. After Googling “what does a shooting star look like” & flipping through some images, yeah. It was a shooting star. And, we had a full-on double rainbow last night after an intense lightning & hail shower. Every metallic color of the rainbow from Red to Orange to Yellow to Green to Blue to Indigo to Violet (“ROY G. BIV.”). And the double rainbow mirrored all the colors in reverse. These same metallic colors accompanied my shooting star. Nature. Good Morning! Thanks for listening. šŸ˜‰

#colorsoftherainbow #goodmorning #natureinspires #shootingstar

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