‘Tis the Season & Folks are the Reason

handmade cards & papercraft
Yesterday’s craft show was so fun. Sure, sharing my love of paper, ink, and string was why I was there. What I did not anticipate was the outpouring of love and support from family and friends! Not at all surprised, because, well these people are amazing. But, so touched. So grateful.

My dearest friend and her many expert hours of layering, embellishing, stamping, stuffing, lugging…anything. Everything. Endless support & creative ideas. The gorgeous display – all her. She continues to blow my mind daily in countless ways. Her splashes of color and class pulled everything together. I truly could go on forever. Love.

Another dear friend gave her whole day to work by my side & to passionately talk up our handmade paper nummies. She shines!

From start to finish, friends trickled in. All day. Even those who would never step foot into such an event. Incredible. Mom & Brother traveled to get here to give hugs & show love. Kiddo pitched in. Just so awesome!

The holiday shoppers were fantastic. The other vendors  were helpful & engaging. The day whizzed by and was uber-enjoyed.

‘Twas a beautiful thing. Ever so thankful, I am.

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